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[#71th #15 August] India Independence Day 2017 Images, HD Pictures, 3D Wallpaper Download For Whatsapp

71th India Independence Day 2017 Images | 15 August Images HD:- Get 15 August Images and 15 August 2017 Speech In Hindi English For Independence Day 2017. Celebrate this day using 71th India Independence Day Images & HD Pictures, 3D Wallpaper For Whatsapp and Facebook. 15 August 1947 was the day when India become a Independent country. All country peoples of India want to celebrate their freedom day with great joy and happiness. This is the biggest day for all Indian and country peoples. Give your salute to all our freedom fighters who fought for us and free us from British Shashan. In our country many religion peoples live and they have their own festival. But it's time to celebrate the national holiday and festival. All friends need to celebrate the day with their friends, classmates, school friends, parents and relatives. We get this day after the lots of struggle and hard work. We are independent because their are the huge sacrifice of our freedom fighters.

First time after independence day Nehru ji was selected the first prime minister of India and he was gave a speech on Indian Independence day. He gave a famous quotes and he said in his speech one sentence that was Tryst with Destiny. All country peoples were motivated from his speech and start hard work after the freedom. After the independence peoples also work very hard for make the country like before the British clutch. Now here we want to share some wonderful collection of 71th Independence Day Images and 15 August HD Images for celebrate the Indian national holiday.

After Independence day the first time on 15th August 1947 the Tri color Tiranaga was unfurled by the Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru at Red Fort New Delhi. After the 1947 day this is the rules to unfurled the national flag at Red Fort and give a speech on Independence day and motivate the country peoples. Use these latest collection of 15 August 2017 Images and share these 71th Independence Day HD Pictures and Wallpaper with your Facebook and Whatsapp Friends.

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India Independence Day 2017 Images Download For Whatsapp

Every year on the 15th August, early in the morning at 10 o clock the national flag is unfurled at the National Capital New Delhi. Prime Minister and other chief guest attend the Independence day programs and listen Prime Minister speech. When any time a rally happen, then the main politician give his speech and tell the country peoples about their work and promises. Every politician do many promises to country peoples but some of them do their work. Every one give a motivational speech but peoples do not take his speech seriously. If you want change the country situation, then every body needs to participate on the some good activities for the country. Hope you like India Independence Day 2017 Images and will be free download these all 15 August Images 2017 for Whatsapp Facebook.

Peoples this time to celebrate the 71th Independence day of India. Hope you all are planning something good for this Independence day. Special programs and organized on this day at schools and schools students participate on their school programs. Early morning first the national flag is unfurled by the Principal and head of the schools. Then all teachers and students sing the national anthem songs. Then Principal and other teachers give a speech on their school programs. Principal and teachers motivate the schools students and give some important suggestion for their success. They give a speech on successful leaders and give a suggestion to all students for apply their rules and regulation on their life and be a successful person in your life. 

 15 August 2017 HD Wallpaper Free Download

India was the country who were 200 years slavery of British Rules and regulation. After 200 years slavery India got this important day, so why you peoples forget this day. Give a big salute to all our freedom fighters and country peoples who fought for us and our country. I hope once you remember those all our great leaders and salute them. Sing patriotic songs and national anthem on this day and make this day wonderful. Wish your social friends by using these all 15 August 2017 HD Wallpaper and 15 August 2017 Images. These all images are in 3D HD and animated format. Which one you like, click on download and download the images. 

Wonderful day and historical day in our life is Independence Day. Every school organization do many activity on this day. Firstly prayer, national anthem activities are done. Then school students perform on dance, poetry and drama competition and entertainment their all guest and classmates and teachers. 

15 August India Independence Day 2017 HD Pictures For Facebook

This day is declared national holiday because remember all our freedom fighters and great leaders who fight for our country and free our country from British clutch.

I salute all our great leaders
  • Mahatama Gandhi
  • Bhagat Singh
  • Sukhdev
  • Raj Guru
  • Chandra Sekhar Ajad
  • Netaji Shubhas Chandra Bhose
and many all other fighters who sacrifice their life for India motherland. Hope you all plan a wonderful event on this day and friends remember once our freedom fighters and salute them and say thanks for this day. Now celebrate this day also on Facebook and Whatsapp. Share our Freedom fighters and Tiranga Images on social sites. Share with every Indian and wish all Indian a Very Happy 71th Independence Day. So i share some wonderful collection of 15 August India Independence Day HD Pictures and 15 August Pictures Photos For all my country peoples. Thanks to all of you, Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. 

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