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[#Anchoring Script] 15 August Independence Day Anchoring Script (Short) In Hindi, English, Marathi For Students Kids

[#Anchoring Script] 15 August Independence Day Anchoring Script (Short) In Hindi:- Download 15 August 2017 Images & Speech and get 71th Independence Day Anchoring Script PDF In Hindi & English For Students and Kids. All Students and Schools kids want 15 August Anchoring Script & Speech Lines for Independence Day celebration. Celebrate red letter day of India history such as India Independence day. India independence day celebration time is soon to come. 1947 comes as wonder. Luck of freedom is achieved after huge fought, simply do not easy to make it win. The dedication of great leaders worked very well which convert into India freedom/ India independence. War of freedom was conduct as big task for main leader of India Bapu ji. Mohan Dass Karanchandr Gandhi also known as nation Babu. The war party of India follow the suggestion of Mahatma Gandhi which organize anything for fighting with Britishers by remembering laws.

After various biggest fights finally India win 1947 fight against Britishers. The day of Independence has been considered as red letter day of India. It has been also written in golden letter in India history. Nation flag also design with three color(Green, White & Saffron) and one 24 stick wheel. The 24 sticks on the national flag stands for the Ashok Chakra. This wheel was suggest to create in the middle of flag and on the mid point of white color. Download Independence Day Anchoring Script from this site and share 15 August Script Lines with your friends.

The day of independence is one of the important India day which celebrate annually since 1947. 1947 was considered as first celebration of our freedom which was celebrate with our first prime minister Chacha Nehru. He unfurled the India tricolor flag at New Delhi, India. Delhi Lal Kila is a place where the first anniversary of independence was organized. After that it celebrate as national holiday festival. Don't miss to use these wonderful 15 August Anchoring Script Lines for your school programs.

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Independence Day Anchoring Script In Hindi (Marathi) For Students

On this day unfurls and hoist the India flag is an compulsory act as per government order for any official celebration. Always the independence day ceremony is start with flag hoisting ceremony which unfurled by Prime minister in Delhi celebration, In state level ceremony of independence day the flag unfurled by the state chief minister in government building(Vidhansabhas etc), Schools and college flag hoisting is done either principles of the organization or invited guest. After flag hoisting anthem song will be sung out by all presented people. Hereafter President Prime Minister speech is held between public.

Independence Day is celebrated annualy by Indian country peoples on 15h August. Now it's time to prepare for the Independence Day school programs. Use this Independence Day Anchoring Script In Hindi and share the Script lines with your partener, who is going to attend the stage with your. In below paragraph i will tell you how to give a wonderful acnhoring performance in the schools and college programs.

15 August Anchoring Script In Hindi For Kids

In school organization teachers guide to their students for the ceremony celebration huge acts like anchoring acts, speech acts, drama show, patriotic song singing, Patriotic Poems, Cultural dancing etc. On this day the contest like poster making, Rangoli making, Essay writing, Poem writing, English writing, Hindi writing etc. will be organized for students. Students participate/ fight on independence day competition to be a hot favorite contestant. Now it would be organized very soon on 15th of August. Only few days are remaining for the celebration of Independence day so be prepare for the day celebration.

Here i will guide you step by step:-
  1. First choose your friends to give 15 August Anchoirng Script programs.
  2. If you choose your bestie then you know each other communication way.
  3. You both know each other strength and weak pooints.
  4. Before prgrams, you need to prepare very well for the script.
  5. Download script and learn the script because withough using paper the impression is to good.
  6. Start prepartion in front of your friends, before the 15th August celebration. 
  7. Prepare 1 week before for better anchoing on the school programs.
  8. Use some jokes and comedy points in between your script. 
Use these all points for your 15 Augsut Anchoring Script. For more suggestion and tips you can comment here and we will send you by the mail. If you have also a very unique and good idea, then tell us by mailing and commenting.

Independence Day 2017 Anchoring Script PDF In English

After a critical moment India independence day was come. Since first to 70th independence day it was celebrated with great elan. Now its time to 71 independence day celebration. India again going to celebrate this day with great enthusiasm/ pleasure/ faithfully and obediently method. 15th of August 2017 India's seventy first freedom observation day which again remind you about India's 1947 war and critical moments of people. Whom run the gauntlet the all restrictions of British leaders.

All students and kids want best and unique Independence Day 2017 Anchoring Script for their school function. So for those all students help i give here some script images and pdf file. You can easily download the pdf file and can prepare for your school programs.

15 August Independence Day Anchoring Script For Students 

Hope you all students like this 15 August Independence Day Anchoring Script and if you really like then i hope you will suggest to your all parteners and classmates who is preparing for the script lines. Don't miss to check this site for 15 August Speech related information.

I wish you all country peoples a Very Happy 71th India Independence Day 2017. Do good things for country and clean your environment and celebrate this day. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.      

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