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[#Poems] 71th Independence Day Poem (Patriotic) In Hindi - 15 August 2017 Desh Bhakti Kavita For Kids Students

[#Poems] 71th Independence Day Poem (Patriotic) In Hindi:- Get 15 August 2017 Images & 15 Aug Speech In Hindi & English For Independence day Of India. Use 71th Independence Day Poem In Hindi and Download these 15 August Kavita & Short Poem Lines from this website. Indian Independence Day celebrated annually with great joy. When India got freedom in 15th Aug 1947, the Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was selected the 1st Prime Minister of India. Here i want to share some important points about the Nehru ji. You all need to know about Nehru Ji and celebrate this day in a new way.
  1. Nehru Ji was born on 14th November 1889 in Allahabad.
  2. Nehru Ji father name was Moti Lal Nehru and he was the prominent lawyer.
  3. Nehru ji complete his higher education from the England and returned in India 1912.
  4. Nehru ji want to become a lawyer and he start job as a lawyer. 
  5. Later he involved in Indian Freedom and he joined Gandhi Ji. 
  6. During the freedom fight, British Empire sent him many times jail for involving in the freedom activity.
  7. After to much sacrifice and hard work India got freedom on 1947.
  8. After this Nehru ji was selected the first Prime Minister of India.
Every big leader have a stroy in their life and all great leaders of India give their time and sacrifice their life for free our India from British. Nehru ji was the person who loved children's very much. So children also called them Chacha Nehru. Every year we celebrate Children's day on the birthday anniversary of Nehru ji. All kids who want a Independence Day Poem In Hindi, they will get the poem here on our national holiday.

Every 15th August is important day for all Indians and not only Indian's also for all peoples who are from out country in India. All peoples who are from foregin country, they also celebrate the Indian Independence Day here. Now Download Best and wonderful Independence Day Patriotic Poems from here and use these 15 August Desh Bhakti Kavita For your school programs. 

71th Independence Day Poem (Patriotic) In Hindi For Kids 

Our moto is to provide some extra information about the Independence Day with this given Independence Day Patriotic Poems and Poems For Kids. This will help you all kids and students to know about our freedom fighters and country peoples who give their life to free our country from British Clutch. Indian Independence Day is a great day and written in Indian history. Indian govenrment declared this day national holiday in 1947. It is a national holiday but still offices, government sector, schools and colleges remin open. All schools staff and childrens celebrate the national holiday festival in their schools. Children participates on independence day programs and entertain their all chief guest and parants. 

Students sing 15 August Patriotic Poems in their school function and some students sing the poem in Hindi and some in English. For all students helps we have this Independence Day Desh Bhakti Kavita in Hindi and English language. Which one you like more, you can download and can use in your school programs. British empire and peoples need to take some point from us and know about their Lossing moment. Now Indian Army will give a very Big War to all the country who will do any thing wrong in our country.

15 August 2017 Desh Bhakti Kavita For Students

We achived this day after the hundreds of peoples life sacrifce and our great leaders hard work. Eveery great leaders and peoples do hard work for achive this day. Finaly after too long struggle India got this day on 15th August 1947. So remeber and salute to all our country peoples and freedom fighter a big event is organized in Red Fort New Delhi. Our all three armed force performed on this function and show their talent. All three Indian Army, Indian Navy and Indian Air Force participates on Indian Independence Day Parade and entertainment country peoples and show their skills. 

21 Guns salute is give by our Indian Army to all our freedom fighters and also to our national flag. Tiranga is the most loved flag in all over the world and all country peoples give a salute and respect to our National flag. So you all guys also need to prepare for the school programs and participates on School Independence Day Patriotic Poems compitition. Hope this 15 August Desh Bhakti Kavita will help you all students for giving your 100% performance in your schools programs on this 15th August 2017. 

15 August Independence Day 2017 Poems For Students

It's time to remember the 71th Years of Azadi. In last year on 70th Independence Day Modi ji launch a programme names as Azadi 70 and it is also known as 70 Saal Azadi-Zara Yaad Karo Kurbani. In english this means is 70 years of Independence day and do recall the sacrifices of our freedom fighters and country peoples for achive this day for their nation peoples. So now we are in 2017 years and here you can get Independence Day Poems For Students and 15 August Kavita For Kids

These all poems lines will help you to perform well in your schools programs. For more wonderful information about the Indian Independence Day, you can check this website and will get wonderful stuff for 71th Independence Day 2017. I Wish you all guys a Very Happy Independence Day 2017. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat. 

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