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Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 Essay In Hindi, Short Essay On Ganesh Chaturthi In Marathi, Telugu For Kids

Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 Essay In Hindi:- Get the wonderful Ganesh Chaturthi Essay In Hindi and Short Essay On Ganesh Chaturthi In Marathi and Telugu Language For Kids Students. Celebrate this festival of Lord Ganesha With your friends family and classmates. Ganesh chaturthi or a ganeshotsav its a festival of lord ganeshna which celebrate every year with a full of excitement ,joyhood and happiness on the worship land India. India which is special famous for our culture and ritualism, like all festival this festival Ganesh Chaturthi is also has a lots of importance and its also same as like all festival celebrated in India. Ganesh Chaturthi for 10 days in the month of bhadrapada and the day of this festival is very important for everyone and its this day is know as ganesh visarjan.

Ganesh visarjan ceremony normally takes place on the  Ananta chaturdasi day , which falls 10th or 11th days after the Ganesh Chaturthi day.’Ananta ‘ which mean the eternal and ‘chaturdasi’ means fourteenth. As such its fall on the 14th day of thebright fortnight or ‘shukla paksha’of the bhadrapada. Here we have best and wonderful Essay On Ganesh Chaturthi In Hindi and also in Marathi For all Kids and Students.

Ganesh chaturthi  or we  call it’s the birthday of god ganesha, in india every festival and occasion has hide behind a story so as like ganesh chaturthi has behind also a story ,according to our legend ,said that ganesha  is created by his mother parvati by her hand, parvati  is  wife of lord shiva. Once a incident is like that in the absence of lord shiva ,parvati was going for bath , but that no one present their for security , so her mind came her one idea and she make a idols with soil and give this idols life , and name his little boy ganesha and then said ganesha  to guard the door while she took the bath. Meanwhile , lord shiva was returning from his meditation and he wanted tomeet his wife,lord shiva was stopped at the door by anger ,lord shiva cut off ganesha ‘s head. All students and Kids want Essay On Ganesh Chaturthi In Marathi and Telugu. So you all are in a right place.

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Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 Essay In Hindi, Marathi,Telugu For Kids

When goddess parvati saw this,she started crying and anger on shiva, and said ganesha to cure her son. Shiva then ordered his followers to bring the head of thechild was living in negligence of its parent. Then his followers brought the head of an elephant and lord shiva attached the head on ganesha ‘s body and brought it back to life .and all god blessing him with a lots of power. All Students kids can read Ganesh Chaturthi Essay In Hindi and share this Ganesh Chaturthi Essay In Marathi with their little kid friends.

Ganesha is worshiped in India as the god of wisdom,prosperity and good fortune ,and is invoke at the beginning of a new venture or at a start of a journey. He is one to pray, if you want to remove away any problem and obstacles that are in your way ,during the week ,of ganesha chaturthi, seen a great excitement in the air. Families pick out their ganesha statues to be painted and made like they want it,and they shop for light and decoration. Then comes the joyful day when they bring their ganesha statue in their ten days is very special as per ganesha devotes ganesha stay in ten day, everyone in those ten days worship ganesha,and dancing and singning. This Short Essay On Ganesh Chaturthi In Marathi Hindi and Telugu will give you information about the Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebration.

Short Essay On Ganesh Chaturthi In Marathi, Telugu For Kids

The last 11 days  which we also know ganesh visarjan or also say the farewell of ganesha , this is full of excitement , all of do a last puja at home,and then ganesha go to their final journey and lotsof people following ,some are dancing to  the drums, and most are shouting :ganesh bappa moray,purchya varshi laukariya(O, father ganesha, come again early next year). The atmosphere  is electric. The final stop is lakeof holy river ganga  ,and put ganesha into the water, final blessing to breakour ego,live with happiness.all people farewell ganesha and will be sure to welcomenext year with more and more enthusiasm and joy.

Hope this Short Essay On Ganesh Chaturthi In Marathi and in other languages will help you to prepare for Ganesh Chaturthi festival celebration. If you want any other details and information regarding to the Ganesh Chaturthi festival, then visit our site.

Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 Essay In Marathi For Kids

I Wish you all guys a very Happy Ganesh Chaturthi 2017 and share this collection of  Essay On Ganesh Chaturthi In Marathi with all Kids Students and teach them about the Indian festival celebration. Thanks to all of you and share this article with your friends on social networking sites. May god Ganesha Bless you all and fulfill your all wishes, Jai Shree Ganesha. 

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