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[#हिन्दी Speech] 15 August Independence Day 2017 Speech (हिन्दी) In Hindi English For Teachers Students

[#हिन्दी Speech] 15 August Independence Day 2017 Speech:- Check 15 August Images and 15 August Speech In Hindi For Students Kids Teachers. All School Students wants Independence Day Speech In Hindi (हिन्दी ) & English Language. I Wish You Happy 71th 15 August Independence Day. India Independence day has been announced as the nation holiday in 1947. The day of India independence was scheduled for freedom celebration. This day has been scheduled for yearly 15th of August. India got forever freedom form British English people who want to sway Bharat according to own style. Britisher impose methodology for Indians get failed in 1947 after a long time slavery. There was an uproar to fight over British rule after a long time. A many more great leaders step up by holding hand together and thinking smartly for British empire so that eject/ crowd out to all British intruder/ infiltrator constabulary.

British rules was very hard who one break them then Britishers punished that person strictly. This punishment regime tick over many years(200 years). This two hundred year slavery time period passed with grief. 15th August is retrospective day which remind about freedom war. Now India free from British rules and regulation. Our mother land is free to all burden of British rules. India is a country of festival here people celebrate a lots of events/ occasion/ festival annually. Check out now 15 August Speech and Independence Day Speech from this official website of 15 Aug national holiday.

India independence day is most celebrating day which celebrate in the month of August and the date of 15th. 15th of August 2017 is going to observe. It is a 71st anniversary of independence day after few days India celebrate their 71 anniversary as a function. Because its a nation victory celebration then people celebrate it by hoisting Bharat tiranga in top and open places of earth. In school it flay on their ground, In government buildings it flay on the top of buildings, In official ceremony it will flay on the top of Red Fort. These flying flag show the freedom of country. Like Comment and share this 15 August Independence Day 2017 Speech In Hindi English With Teachers, Students and School Kids.

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15 August Independence Day Speech (हिन्दी) In Hindi

Independence day celebration is a lien / Obligation /right /pleasure to all Indians who born in India. Freedom of Bharat was required to all Indians. This freedom fight was fought against Britishers for India public and for safety of golden bird. After having success in this freedom fight larders proud/ pride to born as Indian. In the end of India freedom fight country was divided into 2 parts(India & Pakistan) of some reasons. Both country celebrate it annually in different dates(India celebrate it 15th of August & Pakistan celebrate it 14th of August). Every year 15 August is celebrate as biggest festival. On this day people give shradhanjali to all brave leaders who die for our country and the future of upcoming generation.

Students like to give a speech in their schools programs. We all want speak in our nation language. Our nation language is Hindi, so here we also have Independence Day Speech (हिन्दी) In Hindi. This will help to all the peoples who like Hindi and Want to give speech in Hindi.

Independence Day (15 August) Speech In English 

First time it was celebrate only in Red Ford Delhi, India with million of people. After this first celebration, In 1950 our Bharat was republic and the celebration of independence day was announced gazetted holiday of India. On the behalf of India government official notice schools, state vidhansabhas, and Delhi red fort is decide for official celebration of 15 august. India independence day also celebrate unofficially like in societies, private offices etc. Independence day is an national holiday on this day India's post offices, India's banks, Government offices get closed as per government order. Celebrate your in-dependency on upcoming 15th of August and also give salute to all soldiers of Bharat.    

Use this wonderful Independence Day Speech In English and motivate the school children's. Country peoples need to know about the our 71th 15 Aug celebration day. Know the full history details and motivational speech from this site.

Independence Day 2017 Speech (Hindi) For Teachers 

First of all you need to wish your all Teachers, Classmates and Guest who all are in the assembly. So the way is for wish them is a Very Good morning to all presented peoples here. We are gather here for celebrating our 71th freedom day also known as Swatantrata Diwas. We all want freedom when our country was British Empire Slavery. But this day we got after 200 Years Clutch. We all know the freedom meaning and if we know then we celebrate this day. This day is celebrated because we got our all fundamental rights. Our constitutions was made for all Indian citizen and Indian Constitution give a freedom to all country peoples. Now after all this we do whatever we want to Do in our Life. 

Independence Day Speech 2017:- This is a article all about the our 71th day celebration. This article Independence Day Speech For Teachers will help to all the teachers who are preparing a motivational speech for 15 August celebration. So hope you all country peoples will give homepage to all our freedom fighters and Great Leaders. Celebrate this wonderful day in a wonderful way or wonderful celebration ideas. In this time you are reading an article on Independence Day Speech, so if you want celebration ideas article then visit the homepage of this website. 

15 August 2017 (Independence Day) Speech For Students

Schools Students/Kids/Teachers need to prepare very well for this 71th 15 August celebration. Hope this article of 15 August Speech For Students will help all the Students and Kids for this day celebration. Salute all our freedom fighter Mahatama Gandhi/ Shubhas Chandra Bhos/ Bhagat Singh/ Bismillah/ Jawahara Lal Nehru/ Raj Guru/ Gangadhar Tilak/ Chandra Sekhar Azad/ Laxmi Bai and all our other freedom fighter. Shout Indian Freedom fighter name and also shout Slogans or saying quotes given by freedom fighters. 

If you like this collection of Independence Day Speech for Teachers, then suggest this speech lines to all other teachers, students, kids and your brother sister. Jai Hind,Jai Bharat. 

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